Visiting Hours

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St. Luke’s recognizes the important role your family and friends play in your recovery. Their love and support will be instrumental in your return to wellness. We do support and accommodate flexible patient visitation, but we also recognize that proper rest is essential to your healing.

To help maintain a healthy environment, we are requiring all staff, patients and visitors to wear a mask (covering your nose and mouth) at all times – regardless of vaccination status.

Visitors are permitted 24 hours-a-day. However, we do encourage visitation during daytime hours to ensure you have adequate time to rest in the evening and night. Patient care areas that provide specialized care (Maternity, Pediatrics, Behavioral Health and Critical Care as examples) will have specific recommendations which will be discussed at the time of admission.

Out of an abundance of caution for our patients who are immunocompromised, we are currently not permitting visitors in our infusion and radiation therapy treatment areas. (As of 8-16-2021)

Patients who are being treated with COVID-19 will still remain in isolation as the CDC recommends. Therefore, no visitors will be permitted in those rooms unless an end-of life situation is occurring.

We have developed the following guidelines and recommendations to help you and your loved ones in establishing a personalized plan to balance visitation and rest. As always, your health care team is available to assist you in establishing and managing your visitation plan. Click here to view guidelines.

To determine the best time to visit a patient, contact our InfoLink team at 1-866-STLUKES (785-8537), option 4 and ask to be connected to the appropriate nursing station.