MyChart FAQs


Is St. Luke’s MyChart available for St. Luke’s patients?

Yes! St. Luke’s is pleased to offer MyChart to their patients.

How do sign up for St. Luke’s MyChart?

There are four ways for you to sign-up for MyChart. Select the option most convenient for you.

  1. Request an activation code at your next office visit or look on the After Visit Summary you get at your appointment.
    • Please Note: The code on your After Visit Summary is only valid up to three days after your office visit. If you try to use your code after three days you will get an error. Please call the patient service desk at 1-866-STLUKES (785-8537) option 5 to receive a new code.
  2. Go to and click on the “create account” button and follow the instructions. You will be asked to validate your identity by answering a series of questions.
  3. Visit the Apple Store or Google Play Store and download our St. Luke’s mobile app. Follow instructions for creating your St. Luke’s and MyChart accounts.
  4. Call our MyChart patient service desk at 1-866-STLUKES (785-8537) option 5, and ask for a code to be emailed to you.

Can I view St. Luke’s MyChart on my Smartphone?

Yes, you can access your MyChart from our mobile website or through our mobile app. Visit on the web, or visit the Apple Store or Google Play Store to download our St. Luke’s mobile app! It’s easy, just search for “St. Luke’s” and look for the gold star!

What health records will be available to me?

There are many health records available to you including: test results, lab and radiology results, After Visit Summaries from a St. Luke’s physician office or hospital visit and other medical studies.

How quickly will my health information be available to me?

Beginning November 2, 2020, a federal rule known as the Cures Act will require all health care facilities to immediately release all laboratory, radiology and pathology reports and provider notes to you as they become available and finalized.

Lab results are available in MyChart within 48 hours; radiology studies within three days and pathology and cytology within 10 days. Inpatient results will be available 24 hours after discharge.* Outpatient After Visit Summaries are available immediately after the appointment.

*Times are estimated and not guaranteed. Some results may take longer depending on the study.

Why are only portions of my health records available?

MyChart is only a snapshot of your health information at St. Luke’s. If you are looking for consultations, history and physicals, radiology images or sensitive documents please contact your doctor’s office directly or our Medical Records Department at 484-526-4719.

Who is able to see my records?

You are the only one able to see your medical documents in MyChart, unless you choose to share your records with a family member, caregiver or loved one. For more information on granting someone else access to your account, please log into your MyChart account, go to “Health”, click on “Share My Record” and click on “Friends and family access.”

Can parents/guardians request access to their minor child’s MyChart account if they are in the 0-12 age range?

Yes! Please ask your pediatricians office to grant you access (proxy) at your child’s next office visit.

You can also call our MyChart patient service desk at 1-866-STLUKES (785-8537), choose option 5, and speak with our staff about granting you access to your child’s medical records in MyChart.

Can minors (13-17) request access to their own health information through MyChart?

Yes, minors (13-17) will be given a MyChart activation code at their next office visit to create their own MyChart account. Access codes will only be given to the teen to create their account. Once the account is created, the teen will have the option to grant the parent proxy access.

Aside from medical documents, what else is available to me through the St. Luke’s MyChart?

There are many tools and resources available to you to help better manage and coordinate your care, including: eCheck-in, ability to view and confirm upcoming appointments, request an appointment, message your care team and more!

What is Secure Messaging?

Secure Messaging is a tool for patients to securely communicate with their doctors and medical staff electronically.

When should I use Secure Messaging? How quickly can I expect a reply?

Secure messaging should only be used for non-urgent health care needs. For immediate assistance, patients should call their doctor’s office directly. If you are experiencing life-threatening circumstances or suspect the onset of a potentially fatal episode, call 911 immediately.

You can expect a reply to your secure message in MyChart within two business days.

Is MyChart the legal medical record?

No, St. Luke’s MyChart only provides certain health information to you from its doctors and Hospitals. If you have questions about your medical documents, you will need to contact our Medical Records Department at 484-526-4719 or your doctor’s office.

Can I request appointments with my doctors through St. Luke’s MyChart?

Yes! You can send a message to your doctor’s office to request an appointment.

Where can I get more information?

If you have questions about St. Luke’s MyChart, please call our patient service desk at 1-866-STLUKES (785-8537) choose option 5. We are happy to answer any questions you may have.