St. Luke’s Monroe Campus

St. Luke’s Monroe Campus is the first new acute-care, non-replacement hospital Monroe County has seen in 100 years.

Located just off Route 611, St. Luke’s Monroe Campus is a 180,000 square foot hospital with four stories, private patient rooms including beds for critical care patients, a large and efficient emergency room, helipad, state-of-the-art operating rooms, a cardiac catheterization lab and the most modern diagnostic technology.

Here’s what choosing St. Luke’s Monroe Campus means for you:

  • Easy Access: St. Luke’s Monroe Campus is located conveniently near three major roadways: Interstate 80 and Routes 33 and 611. St. Luke’s Monroe Campus is fast, convenient and easily accessible.
  • State of the Art Lab and Radiology Services: Our new technology includes, silent scan MRI, Low-Dose CT scanners and advanced medical technologies from GE healthcare.
  • Patient-Centered Health Care Experience: St. Luke’s Monroe Campus offers a signature fountain and a scenic walking trail nestled in a beautiful, natural setting to promote wellness in the community.

Would you like to receive updates and find out more information about services offered at St. Luke’s Monroe Campus? Call 1-866-STLUKES.