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Athletic Training Residency: Prevention and Wellness

Athletic Training Residency - Prevention and Wellness


The mission of the St. Luke’s Athletic Training: Prevention and Wellness Residency is to develop multifaceted healthcare professionals that implement evidence-based preventative medicine and data driven solutions into occupational settings to optimize health, safety and wellness of the respective population.

Residency Specialty Area: Prevention and Wellness

Why Choose This Program?

St. Luke’s Occupational Medicine offers Athletic Training Residents an immersive experience that is the first of its kind in the country. Our interdisciplinary team of Industrial Athletic Trainers, Board Certified Occupational Medicine Physicians, Nurse Case Managers and Industrial Safety Personnel offer residents an experience supported with didactic and scholarly education that is unmatched. This newly designed specialty, which blends formal education with practical on site work experience, is the culmination of a collaborative effort combining the disciplines of Athletic Training and Occupational Medicine. The major facet of this specialty lies in the foundation of injury prevention with the ultimate goal to create a healthier workforce and safer workplace.

Residents receive advanced training on Occupational Medicine and OSHA compliance, along with Worker’s Compensation law. Through St. Luke’s Occupational Medicine corporate partnerships, Residents work side by side with health and safety team members while practicing industrial health and safety, and workplace ergonomics. This comprehensive approach to prevention and wellness within Occupational Medicine challenges Residents to develop their clinical practice to be leaders in the field.

The program plans to apply for CAATE (Commission on Accreditation of Athletic Training Education) Accreditation post self-study year of ’22-’23.